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She calmed me down. Set me straight.
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"Quite simply I was a middle-aged man losing all confidence in my abilities. One of the things I love doing most is triathlons. I was starting to tell myself I was too old, too slow and was making a fool of myself.

Enter Yasmin. She calmed me down. Set me straight. Changed my self-talk, habits and belief.

If, on the day, I'm the best version of me that I can be: it's down to her.
I'm eternally grateful.”
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Reassured and guided
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Yasmine always provided a comfortable environment for me to delve into my past, and open up with confidence. I felt reassured and guided in my sessions throughout. 

Unlike cognitive behavioural therapy, Yasmine’s methods of hypnosis allowed me to explore the trauma I had been suppressing throughout my life. I had a space where I was able to truly process and understand the questions and worries I held onto. 

Yasmine is patient, non-judgemental and professional in her manner. It really has been a pleasure working with her
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An eye-opening experience
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‘I found myself never taking a moment to think about how to sculpt my career and bring out the real me. I was swept away by how Yasmine made the process so enjoyable and effortless. She helped me deal with some of my confidence demons and gave me the tools to nail the most daunting professional moments. Over the course of our sessions, I got to know myself, my values and how I want to approach work. It was there all along but thanks to Yasmine, I got to the answers much faster than I expected. 
It’s impossible to leave a session with Yasmine without having a massive personal breakthrough! (GM – Head of Content)
Working with Yasmine has been an eye-opening experience. 
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