Winning in business / work

If you’re looking for that winning feeling in your career, I can support you with a holistic range of services that cover everything from creating a positive mindset, day to day discipline, habit formation, motivation, ego strengthening, overcoming imposter syndrome, tackling issues like fear of public speaking and most importantly, making you believe in yourself, your team and your business - and what you’re capable of.

I’ve recently worked with the CEO/Founder/Team members of a fast-growing marketing agency to help him and his wider team to develop a structured and winning mindset, tackling issues like organisation design, multiplying success on a team level, creating time and space to focus on priorities, self-limiting beliefs, wellness, all with the focus on creating that winning mindset to enable a platform for continued business growth.

Winning in your private life

If you’re looking for that winning feeling in your private life, I can support you with a range of holistic services that cover relationship difficulties, divorce, parenting, raising teenagers, menopause, issues at work, career change, redundancy, unemployment, relocation and life traumas

I’ve recently worked with several clients focusing on their personal development, tackling the challenge of anxiety, public speaking, phobias, weight loss and habit cessation. These issues had been exacerbated during recent changes to the way we live and the impact this has had on not only our lives but those around us.


We can work together from the privacy of your own home, safe space and secure network. Online zoom calls offer greater flexibility.

In person

You might prefer working together face to face. I will support and challenge you so you can achieve your desired results, be accountable and transform your life.

In House

Bespoke corporate packages and programmes are designed after a detailed discovery phase, interviews and questionnaires. All programmes are designed to lead and lift individuals, teams and leaders whilst taking care of your personal health and happiness.