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Counselling provides the time and space to unpack our troubles, and to hear our own wisdom. It provides a sounding board, and another point of view. It can be both comforting and challenging, bringing relief and clarity from sharing uncomfortable feelings.

Lilliana encourages clients to widen the frame, to view difficulties as potential for change and growth. She supports people to develop their self-awareness, their courage and self-responsibility. By connecting to their strengths and integrity, people become more able to stand up for themselves, to recognise old behaviours that no longer serve them, and to be willing to stretch their comfort zone, and to develop their relationship with themselves.

Unlike the long-term commitment of psychotherapy, counselling can give short-term support or provide a valuable touchstone to return to from time to time.

Every experience, no matter how bad it seems,
holds within it a blessing of some kind. the goal is to find it.

- Buddha

Skype session client says:

I am so thankful that we had these sessions. It made a lot of sense and reminded me that I must go through this process and concentrate on being solid even if sad. You made me feel heard and you did so with such grace. I feel so comforted. You are clearly very skilled and wise, and I did appreciate a follow up email.

Client in 40s, seeking professional re-direction says:

As a whole, this experience has changed fundamental aspects of how I am living my life, in a way that feels very good for me.

I’ve gained inner strength over these past months, clarity in my thoughts, and as a result making changes and steps in my life quite gracefully, but with big consequences.

I have noticed lots of friends really listening to me in a way I can see they are captivated. I’ve gained a passion, or perhaps am expressing this passion now.

Lilliana helped me to look at my life in a more creative way, her coaching cleared a way for me to understand how to move towards my dream, step by step. I loved the quality time we spent together, where each detail you talk about matters. And I thanked god for her sense of humour, she works in a way that is totally my cup of tea.

Young professional woman says:

I sat down several times to write this note and every time realised that I was doing what I have been prone to doing for some years: trying to say the “right” thing. I wasn’t being honest with myself in my words and I wasn’t being honest with you. I was digging around in an effort to write the best and most complimentary analysis, overcomplicating, not allowing myself to be free, to be me.

Well, now I’m not doing that. I’m letting my mind wander aimlessly, back to the many dark caverns I visited during our sessions. I’m finding most of them empty. These places used to be occupied by the many different personas I had fashioned in my own mind: perfect little models to be deployed where necessary, their hearts being pumped by my insecurities. I blurred the edges of each of these personas with such convincing talent that the frontier between who I was and who I was trying to be almost ceased to exist. I became lost, forgot who I actually was.
I was strong. I was Muslim. I was successful. I was smart. I was beautiful. I was intelligent. I was principled. I was confident. I was rich. I was perfect. I was untouchable.I was different.

I was alone. I was confused. I was conflicted. I was unhappy. I was unsure of myself. I didn’t know how to make friends. I never laughed. I was hard on myself. I hated myself. I punished myself. I felt cheap. I felt worthless.

Our sessions made me understand the origin of each and every one of those feelings and in the midst of all that noise and clutter, led me towards a path of harmony. Through our conversations I was steered in a direction where I saw ‘me’ again. Me. Just me.I said to you during one of our last few sessions that I had started to get glimmers of me. I pass through ‘me’ just for a moment. It’s fleeting, but it’s tangible. It grips every one of my senses and it takes my breath away… Suddenly I remember how beautiful I really am.

These fleeting moments were few and far between. With your help, with your prism of perspective, with your guiding words and your belief in me these moments are more frequent in my life. I am remembering who I am. I am remembering what makes me smile, what matters to me. What really matters to me. Every time I discover a piece of me, I take the time to understand myself, to feel myself, to let my sense of self penetrate me fully. Thank you for the map and tools you have given me on my journey towards discovering who I really am. And for helping me see the woman I can be.

Woman married for 12 years says:

What really helped me was having those two sessions with you where I could say anything I wanted without a trace of guilt. I had been suppressing a lot of those feelings for some years now, and the need to ‘splurge it all out’ had become huge. Having aerated my negative feelings now with you, I don’t feel them so intensely, which is a good thing. I’m not afraid of acknowledging the areas in our relationship which need maintenance. Our love life has improved too. We’ve just painted our bedroom a gorgeous colour and hung an outrageously large mirror near the bed – I think my inner sex kitten has just awakened! Thank you again for your advice and wisdom. It’s good to know you could help in future if we hit a rocky patch again.

About Lilliana

I am a member of the Association for Coaching, the British Association for Counselling and Pyschotherapy, and the BACP’s Coaching division.

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