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Life can throw some curve balls that knock us off balance.

Counselling will help

At such times we feel out of our depth, or in the deep mist of unknowing without a compass.  This may show up as depression, anger or overwhelm –or a combination of complex emotions, physical ailments, and mental confusion.

Counselling provides support during –and sometimes after– challenging times and difficult life situations.  Perhaps triggered by a major event such as a tragedy, separation or redundancy, attention is needed to support emotional and mental wellbeing, and to aid recovery.

Relationship Counselling

Counselling is also valuable for exploring established behaviours or relationship difficulties that are inhibiting a full and satisfying life. And sometimes it’s just not clear why we feel low, irritated, despondent or fatigued, but relief and understanding can be gained from sharing uncomfortable feelings. And if there is a crisis– don’t waste the opportunity to give good attention where its needed.

All long-term relationship have difficult times, and while distressing and disorienting, it is also normal and inevitable. It is how we manage this times that is critical, and Lilliana encourages clients to view conflict as the potential to grow; to stretch and learn new skills and expand personal comfort zones. At best, this process can powerful and rewarding, deepening intimacy and connection.

Counselling locations

A qualified and experienced counsellor, Lilliana works with individuals and couples in East Sussex and in London, and is a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (MBACP). Also trained as a coach, she a member of the Association for Coaching (AC).

East Sussex:  The Red Couch, Lewes
Tuesday & Thursday  – Appointments:  0779 226 7670

  • Individual sessions 55 minutes and £70
  • Couple sessions 85 minutes and £120

some concessions rates available 

London:  The Alma Practice, South Kensington
Monday & Friday  – Appointments: 0779 226 7670

  • Individual sessions 50 minutes and £120
  • Couple sessions 80 minutes and £185

some concessions rates available 

Distance Counselling
Where appropriate, distance counselling sessions can be arranged for clients who are travelling or live further afield via Skype or telephone. Lilliana also does Couple Intensives, 5 hour sessions with couples in crisis, or those who could benefit from an extended one-off time. Fee £500.

About Lilliana

I am a member of the Association for Coaching, the British Association for Counselling and Pyschotherapy, and the BACP’s Coaching division.

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